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SSL is the abbreviated term for Secure Sockets Layer. It was first invented by Netscape in the year of 1994. SSL is an Internet Security Protocol that encrypts communications over the Internet. SSL Certificate ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity of your website.

To make your website trustworthy, you have to get an SSL Certificate and install it on your web server (Apache, IIS, Nginx or any other).

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Thinking about website security may create multiple questions in your brain like :

  • What is an SSL certificate?
  • How SSL Certificate Secure my website ?
  • Why SSL Certificate ?
  • How do I know if SSL is already installed on my website or my website is secure ?
  • I have a small website or blogging site still do I need to install SSL ?
  • We don’t collect any data from visitors, still SSL is required ?
  • What are the types of SSL Certificate & do I need to buy an SSL Certificate depending on the nature of my website ?
  • How can I get the best SSL certificate for my website ?

Don’t Worry, VCN INFOTECH is here to answer these questions and more. Connect with our Techno-Sales team for instant help or keep reading to get your answers.

What is an SSL Certificate ?

SSL Certificate is basically used to provide a secure & encrypted transmission over the internet. It protects sensitive information of the website such as credit card numbers, visitor’s personal information, login credentials, etc.

SSL establishes a secure connection between web server & visitor’s web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

It shields your website from malware and unwanted advertisements implanted by others into your website resources.

SSL is the pioneer to the latest TLS encryption used now-a-days.

How does the SSL Certificate secure my website ? / What is HTTP & HTTPS ?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is used to send data between your browser and the website you are connected to.

HTTP will change to HTTPS after installing an SSL Certificate successfully on your web server. In HTTPS, ‘S’ stands for ‘Secure’.

Using HTTPS creates the secure connection that carries an encrypted data sent through your web browser. This data can only be decrypted by the web server that you want to connect with. No other person in between can read your data which protects it from getting hacked.

Once the secure connection is created, it ensures that all the sensitive information can be transferred without interception, data fraudulence, and message tampering.

Why is SSL Needed ?

HTTP is an insecure protocol for transmission of the data. It transmits the data in a plain text over the internet which can be read by anyone in between. In today’s emerging cyber threat environment your website can be the open source for attackers to disrupt your business. That’s why to have a verified SSL certificate for your website is a basic need today; whether you have small business or large enterprise.

Below are some benefits & necessities of SSL Certificate :-

Encrypts Sensitive Information

SSL Certificate’s main job is to encrypt the sensitive information transmitted via the Internet. Sensitive information includes Credit Card Numbers, User Name, Password, etc.

SSL Certificate encrypts such information and makes it unreadable for any other computers so that no one can read it. Only the intended recipient can decrypt and read this information. This protects it from hackers, attackers or meddlesome organizations, for example, ISPs from messing with the information sent between your sites and your client’s programs (browser or any other application).

SSL Provides Authentication

Along with encryption; a proper SSL certificate also gives the Authentication. The necessity of authentication is to make sure that information which you are sending must reach to the intended recipient and not to any third person.

Whenever you send any information through the internet; it basically passes from various computers to computers before it reaches the intended recipient or a destination server.

Any of these computers could create a fake identity or a fake website that looks similar to yours. The users visiting your website can be easily tricked to share their personal information by these computers.

SSL Certificate makes sure that information is been sent to the authenticated server and not to the fraudulent who is trying to steal your information.

SSL Provides Trust

Trust and security are the most vital factors for building up any relationship. Hence, customers should be assured that their information is safe and secure on your website.

Depending upon the browser you are using; it shows some indications like Padlock, Green Bar, Trust Seal. These indications give the assurity that the site you have visited is secured with an SSL Certificate and your information will be safe with it. This allows your customers to invest Trust before they invest anything else.

SSL also protects against Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are mostly targeted through emails.

Attackers use the same domain name as of yours & create the fake website that looks similar to your website. Then they send emails to your customers which contain link to an attacker’s website. Once the user clicks on that link; it redirects them to an attacker’s fake website. Such a way they can get user’s personal information.

But to get the SSL Certificate for such fraudulent websites is very difficult. Checking for Trust Indicators on such websites can prevent your customers from phishing attacks.

SSL is required for PCI Compliance

In order to accept credit card information on your website, you must pass certain audits that show that you are complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

SSL helps ranking your website on top

Search engine like Google have announced that it will first prefer websites with SSL Certificate installed. Websites running on HTTPS protocol will get a minor boost in ranking on google search engine as compared to websites running on HTTP.

How do I know if SSL is already installed on my website or my website is secure ?

This depends on the browser you are using and the type of SSL Certificate you have purchased for your website. SSL Installed websites show you a Padlock or Green Bar in the browser when you visit the website. The simple way to check for SSL Certificate is checking whether the website URL is starting from HTTPS or HTTP. HTTPS means the website contains an SSL certificate where ‘S’ stands for Secure.

Click on secure site or padlock to view more details about an installed SSL Certificate. Then select “View Certificate”. There can be a slight difference to view the certificate details depending on the browser you are using. But certificate always include the same information regardless of browser you are using.

Why is SSL needed for small websites or blogging sites also ?

Today it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large website, e-commerce or blogging website, business or gaming website. Your website is having a lot of information that hackers or attackers are looking for. This information can be enough for them to trick you or your visitors.

SSL provides confidentiality, significant protection and data safety for your website as well as for your website visitor’s personal information.

is SSL also needed for websites that don't collect any data from visitors ?

In addition to Encryption, Authentication, Trust Indicators & PCI Compliance; SSL also protect your website from malware and unwanted advertisements to be shown on your website. So even if your website don’t collect the personal & sensitive information then too it’s important to protect it by installing an SSL Certificate.

Types of SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate can be availed in 3 types.

1) Standard or Domain Validated (DV)

DV SSL Certificates are mostly used for Personal & Blogging Websites. This is the easiest level of validation used to issue SSL Certificate. These certificates are checked on the basis of the domain registry. To get the DV Certificate you simply need to own a domain on your name. DV certificates are been issued after verifying the WHOIS record of the domain for which you have requested the SSL Certificate. Verification can be done through an email or phone call. DV SSL enabled website shows the Green Lock which indicates the authenticity of the website. DV certificates are cheapest, easiest & quickest to get as compare to other two types of certificates.

2) Organization Validation (OV)

OV Certificates are more secure and advanced than DV Certificates. OV Certificates can be used for business and non-profits organizations. While issuing OV Certificates; Certificate Authority (CA) not just checks for the domain authority but also verifies an organization & person applying for a certificate. This verification can be done by checking the address where the organization is enlisted and the name of a particular contact. This data is visible on the certificate which makes ownership of your website more trustworthy to its visitors. OV Certificates are expensive & take time to issue as compared to DV certificates.

3) Extended Validation (EV)

An EV SSL certificate is the best quality level in SSL certificates. EV SSL Certificates can be mostly used for E-Commerce websites. Websites with an EV SSL Certificate have a green address bar in the browser. It also shows the name of the site owner & the name of Certificate Authority (CA) that has issued the certificate. EV SSL Certificates are issued after an accurate verification only and that’s why it takes time to get the certificate. EV SSL Certificates provides the highest trust level to your website visitors. These certificates are more expensive than DV & OV.

SSL Certificate Brands we offer


GeoTrust SSL


Positive SSL


Symantec / Digicert SSL


Thawte SSL

How to get the SSL Certificate ?

To get the SSL Certificate; below are some points you need to follow –

  1. Identify the features you need depending upon nature of your website (Business/Blogging/E-Commerce etc.).
  2. Number of domains you want to secure.
  3. Identify your budget.
  4. Determine the SSL Brand you need.
  5. Check for time it takes to get the certificate & customer support.
  6. Buy and Install certificate.

VCN Infotech is there to guide you throughout the process and we suggest the best suitable & cost effective SSL certificate to our customers.