Trust and security are the most vital factors for building up any relationship. Hence, when it comes to running a site, customers should be assured that their information is safe and secure. So, it is a basic requirement to have a verified SSL certificate for your website.

SSL is the abbreviated term for Secure Sockets Layer which empowers program and web server to start a safe session ensuring message protection and uprightness. Once a safe association is built up, all the web movements between the server and the web program are secured.

Why is SSL Needed?

SSL anticipates attackers or meddlesome organizations, for example, ISPs from messing with the information sent between your sites and your clients’ programs. It is crucial for securing delicate data, for example, credit card numbers. It likewise shields your site from malware and keeps others from infusing advertisements into your assets.

SSL certificates can be availed of three kinds:

Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

This is the most reduced level of validation used to issue SSL authentications. Domain Validated testaments are certificates that are checked against domain registry. Keeping in mind the end goal to get a Domain Validated SSL Certificate you simply need to demonstrate that you possess the domain by reacting to an email or telephone call utilizing the data in the WHOIS record of the respective domain. It’s simplest to get in contrast with OV and EV Certificates.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV)

OV is the more secure and advance compared to DV. Also, while investigating for owning a domain name, the Certificate Authority will likewise do extra verifying of the association and individual applying for the endorsement. This may incorporate checking the address where the organization is enlisted and the name of a particular contact. This screened organization data is shown to guests on the testament, making ownership for site significantly more obvious.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV)

This is the best quality level in SSL authentications. Websites with an EV SSL endorsement have a green program address bar and a field shows up with the name of the honest to goodness site proprietor and the name of the Certificate Authority that issued the authentication.


GeoTrust SSL


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