A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as an administration by an Internet facilitating specialist organization. Our VPS Solutions are based on robust framework secured with RAID Technologies, thereby providing the best CPU and memory assets with information insurance for each VPS facilitated by us.

Our VPS servers intend to offer steady, secure and solid hosting knowledge on the most vigorous systems, with reasonable pricing. Also, it works in the similar way as the dedicated server does, however without the high expenses and are simpler to design to an individual business needs.


  • Security

    No other site or application can meddle with the private records since there is a usage of different OS.

  • Singular Control

    VPS server can be restarted with no obstruction to others’ work. This gives an individual all the control as though you are working at an individual server.

  • Complete SSH and Root Access

    All VPS Server can be overseen remotely with full SSH root access on Linux and the Administrator benefits with RDP on Windows. Boundless domains, the transfer speed of user’s choice and disk space that suits the business needs are also accessible.

  • Support

    A 99.9% of uptime is accessible with personalized help options to deal with things when there is any issue.

  • Committed Resources

    A committed measure of RAM accessible all the time which no other site or application can utilize. Along these lines, the client can use all the RAM at whatever point itis needed.

  • Proper Customization

    Since the working framework is separate for each web server which implies there are separate server applications, for example, MySQL/MSSQL/CRM/ERP and so forth. The administrations can be altered by application needs.