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TallyPrime is a revolutionary upgrade of Tally.ERP 9 and launched on the date of 9th November 2020 by Tally Solutions Private Limited. Tally Solutions Private Limited is a Bangalore based Indian Company established in the early 1980s.

It provides accounting softwares used to maintain the records of business accounting, finance, inventory and payroll services regardless of business sector and size.

It is available as TallyPrime Silver (Single User), TallyPrime Gold (Multi User), TallyPrime Server, Shoper 9 and Tally Software Services (TSS) Silver, TSS Gold, TSS Auditor.

VCN Infotech is an Authorised Partner / Dealer / Reseller of Tally Solutions Private Limited to Sell and Implement its various products such as TallyPrime Silver, TallyPrime Gold, TallyPrime Server, Tally.ERP 9, .Net Subscription, etc. as well as to provide Service for them at the best price across India : Maharashtra – Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Bhiwandi, Vasai, Virar, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Ambernath, Badlapur.etc.

We at VCN Infotech are having significant experience in selling Tally softwares but what makes us unique from others is our own services & expertise in Tally Software.

Expertise in terms of fulfilling all your accounting needs such as Tally Software Installation, Support, Migration, Customization, Integration, Training and Tally software License; everything under one roof.

Along with providing highly effective, reliable and scalable solutions to any size of businesses; we have been also addressing their sales and support queries promptly which helps us to gain complete customer satisfaction.

Why TallyPrime only ?

Whenever we hear the word Accounting; the first software comes in our Mind is Tally and that is the reputation Tally has made in the last 30 years. Tally has served to about 2 million businesses throughout India and the globe.

TallyPrime is the historic revolution in the journey of Tally till now. It is designed in such a way that you can consider it as your business partner who handles every in and out of your business accounting system so that as a Business Owner you can focus on other aspects of the business more efficiently, competently and happily.

The best part about TallyPrime is the person with less knowledge of the software can also use it because of its unique “Go To” feature that allows to navigate and access 90% of the software.

TallyPrime is not just an accounting software but also an integrated business management software that takes care of your Accounting : Sales, Purchase, receivables, payables tracking, Inventory management : Order processing, inventory tracking), Payroll management, Bank transactions, Statutory Compliance, etc.

Other than accessibility, TallyPrime also ensures that you get all the required reports such as Financial reports, Cash-flow reports, Cost centre reports, Inventory reports, Accounting reports, Statutory reports and many more detailed reports at blazing speed so that you can track your progress from time to time and take necessary business decisions easily and immediately.

Your Data is the backbone of your business and Tally keeps it safe and secure so that none other than you can access it. Even in the worst conditions like computer issues or software issues, your data will remain unaffected.

The best part about TallyPrime is its simplicity while using and you will rarely need any support or help in running the product. But TallyPrime has the provision of in-product help through which you can solve the problems by yourself and still if it’s unresolved then you can also reach the Tally Support team wherein you can get real human support instantly and free of cost.

TallyPrime is future-ready software that brings the latest updates whether it is statutory or technological so that your business keeps running without any obstacles.

Tally has always tried to cope up with the latest and increasing business demands over the last 3 decades and in these more than 30 years of journey, Tally has introduced various versions and releases each with some major improvements.

Journey of Tally Software till today : Tally 3.0 launched in 1990, Tally 3.12 launched in 1991, Tally 4 launched in 1992, Tally 4.5 launched in 1994, Tally 5 launched in 1996, Tally 5.4 launched in 1996, Tally 6.3 launched in 2001, Tally 7.2 launched in 2005, Tally 8.1 launched in 2006, Tally 9 launched in 2006, Tally ERP 9 launched in 2009 and finally the TallyPrime launched in 2020.

TallyPrime Objectives

Simplify The Simplest

To simplify the product as much as possible so that you can explore every edge of it, take advantage of the product and convert those benefits into your business profit.

Greater Flexibility

To make the product more flexible so that it can adapt to any business environment and fulfill your requirements.

Fresh Look and Feel

To make the interface more attractive, user friendly and deliver a better user experience than ever before.

Why should you upgrade your existing Tally Software to the Latest TallyPrime ?

We all know that Change is a must. To match the current needs of a rapidly changing era; one must also change their ways of doing things. Tally believes in the same and to match your increasing business needs as well as to #makeeverydaysimple Tally has brought TallyPrime.

TallyPrime is believed to be next generation business accounting software that delivers the performance beyond your expectations. It comes with a Fresh look and feel, Better user interface which is easy to understand, and lots of complexities are simplified. More than that, all the latest statutory and compliances are supported by TallyPrime. Any future changes in the current taxation system or any other will also be covered in its upcoming product releases/updates.

If you are still in doubt as to why upgrade to TallyPrime then you must go through the enhancements done in TallyPrime as compared to previous versions of Tally, it’s Features & Benefits.

What are the enhancements done in TallyPrime ?

Go To and Switch To

Go To Allows you to access your business data quickly from anywhere in the TallyPrime. Unlike Tally.ERP 9, jumping from one report to the other irrespective of where you are in Tally is now easier with the help of Switch To. This helps doing multi tasks easily and faster.

Top Menu

Handle interruptions and and do multiple tasks during data entry without quitting your current tasks. For e.g. Print, E-mail & Export any reports while creating a voucher entry or anything else and once you have done it; continue doing your previous task from where you have left in TallyPrime.

Reporting Engine

TallyPrime’s new reporting engine has turned out to be more insightful with the integration of Exception Reports, Change View and Basis of Values throughout the product.

Exception Reports

Draws your attention over important data by highlighting it in the reports for e.g. overdue payments, negative balance, post-dated transactions, etc..

Basis of Values

Provides different aspects by changing the parameters in the reports.

Change View

Gives you better insights by suggesting the different views of the same report.

More Details

Allows you to enter the details that are needed very rarely in some of the transactions or masters so that you get free from entering it every time and you can also modify the details of masters or transactions without navigating to that field.

Optimized Printing

Printing anything from anywhere in the Tally is much more convenient with TallyPrime as well as eco-friendly because you can utilize the entire space of the paper while printing invoices.

Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V

Instead of pressing Ctrl+Alt+C for copy & Ctrl+Alt+V for paste the texts, you can copy texts by pressing Ctrl+C & paste it by pressing Ctrl+V.

Windows Folder System

Unlike Tally.ERP 9, instead of copy-paste the path while selecting location to store the company data or loading existing company data; TallyPrime made it simple by giving you the option to browse windows folders within the product.

Mouse compatibility

To give you more comfort, Tally has enhanced the compatibility of mouse operations with TallyPrime.

Single Sign-On

Loading different companies with the same credential is also possible with the introduction of Single Sign-On feature.

Select Company

Identify which of your customer’s data is on older releases and needs migration/repair.

Generate Reports at Blazing Speed

Get business reports with more deeper insights at the blink of an eye.

Pleasant Look and Feel

Improved user interface maintaining the same old values so that you can experience familiarity as well as improvement within a single product.

Easy to use by Business Owners

Features like Go To and Switch To have enabled business owners and accountants to sit on the same table discussing in and out of their business accounts.

Setup manager

Setting up Tally is much easier and faster than before. TallyPrime comes with an intelligent setup manager which can interact with all other components of your system where Tally is running and also gives you the guidance about license troubleshooting or in case of application run-time issues.


Get all product-related information including; license, TDLs, company data, product updates, connectivity, status of online services, the system, etc. at one click.

And many more enhancements like Secured Connected Environment with Bank & GSTN, Supports Multi-state GST, Manage Simple and Complex Transactions, Better Categorization of Data, etc.

If you are still in doubt as to why to choose Tallyprime as your accounting software then you must take a look at its exciting features.

Features of TallyPrime

Invoicing and Accounting

Super-Fast invoicing and simple accounting system, Create Professional looking GST compliant Invoice in seconds, Flexible Purchase and Sales Management, Multiple Billing Format, Multi-Currency Support, Multiple Price Level, Multiple Addresses.

Payroll Management

Managing employee pay-outs is much easier now through Payroll Accounting & Salary Processing, Multiple Employee Grouping, Flexible Attendance/Production Types, Statutory Compliance in payroll.

Inventory Management

Flexible system for optimal inventory management by Defining Unlimited Groups, Categories, Batches, Locations/Godowns, Flexible Units of Measure, Manufacturing Journal, Bill of Material, Reorder Level, Multiple Stock Valuation, Job Work, Manufacture and Expiry Date Management.


Prevention, Detection and Correction technology for accurate return filing, GST Compliance and Filing, E-Way Bill, GST Compliance for Composition Dealers, Easily Manage TDS and TCS, Always Stay Compliant, Support for previous Tax Regimes VAT/CST,Excise.

Credit and Cashflow Management

Managing cash and credit made simple by automatic management of Receivables and Payables, Ageing Analysis, Multiple Bill Settlement, Interest Calculations, Cash and Fund Flows, Cash Flow Projection, Credit Control techniques.

Net Capabilities

Stay connected to your business from anywhere by getting Business Reports on Any Device through secure remote access, Seamless e-Banking facility, Decentralization of books to multiple branches.


Manage all your banking needs effortlessly by Auto Bank Reconciliation, Generating Cash Deposit Slips and Payment Advice, Cheque Management, e-Payments.

Cost Control and Cost Analysis

Ease of tracking, analysing and optimising your business spending through Cost Centre and Profit Centre Management, Set Budgets & Track variance, Business Forecasting.

Enhanced Security Management

Powerful data security through TallyVault, Define Multiple Security Levels, Manage Users, Password Policy Management, Audit Trail.


Get a 360 degree view of your business via Accurate and Insightful Business reports at the blink of an eye, Flexible to configure and make confident business decisions.

Other Valuable Features

Managing your business complexities has become easy with the help of features such as Multiple Companies, Group Company, Data Backup and restore, Multilingual Capabilities, Split company at the end of the financial year.

Benefits of TallyPrime

Simple to Learn, Easier to Use

It takes hardly a minute to set up the TallyPrime in your machine and works the way you want. With the help of the “Go To” feature; it is simpler than ever to explore the software by anyone, even a person with less knowledge of the software.

Better Control Over Cashflow

Automatic management of receivables and payables, stock movement, payment timelines and insightful reports at blazing speed helps you to optimize the cash flow and make confident decisions in a better way.

Insightful, Actionable & Customizable Reports

TallyPrime Reporting Engine gives you the 360 degree view of your business by providing more than 400 business reports that carry powerful insights. These reports can also be customized as per your preference to help you make fast and right business decisions.

Your Growth Partner

Right information helps to make the right and fast business decisions. TallyPrime’s Go To, Customizable Reports, Multiple Company Management, Multi-Currency Support, Order Process, Cost Centres, etc. helps you eliminate the challenges so that you can focus on growth of your business.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

TallyPrime enhances your business efficiency and saves your precious time by providing things on click of a button and with the blink of an eye. You can switch between reports, vouchers, etc. without remembering the shortcuts and without quitting your existing task, identify the irregularities from any reports you view and many more.

Tax Compliance Made Easy

TallyPrime ensures that your return filings are always correct and your books are always accurate with the help of its intelligent mechanism called Prevention, Detection and Correction.

Secure Access from Anywhere, Anytime, through Any Device

It is easier than ever before to access the business reports from anywhere, at any time and through any device using its web browser and comes along with the different security levels based on the user’s credibility and rights. TallyVault – an additional layer of security that encrypts your data which can not be decrypted by anyone except you; not even tally can break it.

How many users can work on TallyPrime ?

How many users can work on TallyPrime depends on the type of variant you are buying. Basically TallyPrime is available in different variants as below :

TallyPrime Silver

TallyPrime Silver is also known as TallyPrime Single User and as its name indicates, it can be used by a single user only.

TallyPrime Gold

TallyPrime Gold is also known as TallyPrime Multi User and as its name indicates, it can be used by multiple users under the same LAN network. It is recommendable for 15-20 users maximum but again depending on your network infrastructure, you can increase or decrease the number of users.

TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server license can be applied over TallyPrime Gold license only and can be used by medium and large enterprises to improve their business efficiencies.

Pricing of TallyPrime

TallyPrime Silver

(Single User Edition)
INR. 18,000/- + 18% GST

TallyPrime Gold

(Multi User Edition)
INR. 54,000/- + 18% GST

TallyPrime Server

(For medium and large enterprises)
INR. 2,70,000/- + 18% GST

What is required to buy a TallyPrime ?

Every software comes with its minimum system requirements so as TallyPrime. Before buying TallyPrime; we recommend you check whether the machine in which you want to install the software is meeting its minimum system requirements or not.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor : 1.8 GHz, Core2 Duo, Dual Core, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 equivalent, or above.

RAM : 4 GB or more.

Hard Disk : 150 MB free space to install the application (Excludes the space required to store company data).

Operating System : 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows 7 or above.

Other MS Office software : 64-bit editions of MS Office software such as Excel, Word, and so on.

Note :
If you are using any TDL, Kindly consult with your TDL developer before moving to TallyPrime.

How to get the TallyPrime License & Software ?

If you are already using Tally.ERP 9 License with valid TSS (Tally Software Subscription) then you are half of the way already. You can Upgrade your existing Tally.ERP 9 license to TallyPrime with its respective variant free of cost.

If you are a new user then Congratulations !!! You are at the right place. We would be glad to help you buy a License and Setup TallyPrime.

Contact Us immediately to Renew your existing Tally.ERP 9 License at the best price and get a Free Upgrade of TallyPrime or Buy a New TallyPrime License at the Best Price from VCN Infotech.

Tally Software Services (TSS)

Tally Software Services is basically a subscription license which comes along with the TallyPrime when you buy a software. It is also called Tally.Net Subscription. TSS license comes for 12 months. After every 12 months; you have to renew it to continue availing its benefits. It adds value to your TallyPrime by offering features such as :

  • Regular Updates and Upgrades
  • Direct and Instant Support from Tally
  • Data Synchronization / integration
  • Remote Access Capabilities
  • License Management
  • Manage Company Profile
  • Manage Users and Passwords
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
  • Perform Central Configuration
  • Maintain Activity History

TSS Renewal Silver

(Single User Edition)
INR. 3,600/- + 18% GST

TSS Renewal Gold

(Single User Edition)
INR. 10,800/- + 18% GST

Our Services for TallyPrime

Implementation Services

Your business might be the same as others but your way of doing it might be different from others. Right from Understanding your requirements to Implementing TallyPrime and configuring it as per your business requirements is what we provide in our Implementation Services so that you can get the maximum value from day one. We provide One-Time Remote Implementation as well as On-Site Implementation services for TallyPrime.

Corporate Training

Buying a product is not just enough. To get the maximum benefits from it; you must be well trained. Our Training services for TallyPrime makes it happen. We provide TallyPrime Training Services that lets you decide whether you want to train a particular department or more than one department for e.g. Accounts Team, Sales, Team, Purchase Team, HR Team, Management Team, Store Team, etc.

Customization Services

Are your requirements not getting fulfilled with in-built features of TallyPrime ? Is your way of doing business, invoicing different from others ? Don’t Worry, We can customize it the way you want. Our Customization Solutions are very lightweight and come at pocket friendly cost so that you can start invoicing from TallyPrime as per your preference.

Data Synchronization

Our Data Synchronization service enables you to synchronize your data between multiple locations periodically or as per your preference. It helps you to centralize or decentralize your data with optimum security.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Instead of picking every individual service from our wide service portfolio; we recommend our customers to experience our AMC service for TallyPrime. It is a full package solution that will enable you to focus on your business goals and growth while we take care of your TallyPrime. We provide Remote AMC as well as On-Site AMC at the best price.

Know How VCN Infotech helps you to get Prime with TallyPrime

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