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GajShield Firewall (Data Security Firewall)

GajShield is an Indian company established in the year of 2002 with the aim of making the internet a safe place to work by delivering its strong and top rated security mechanisms. They have successfully implemented it’s solutions at more than 10,000+ global locations. They feel proud to admit that their Gajshield Firewall security solutions are certified by ICSA. Gajshield also provides solutions like Enterprise Cloud, Email Security, ATP, DLP and many more to protect the organization.

VCN Infotech is an Authorized Dealer / Partner / Reseller of GajShield to offer GajShield Firewall at best price across India : Maharashtra – Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Bhiwandi, Vasai, Virar, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Ambernath, Badlapur.etc…

We are more interested in providing a cost effective solutions that decreases your pain points rather than increasing an additional asset cost to your organization by just selling a product.

Giving you an appliance is one of our duties but adding a value into your appliance is our main goal. That’s why we also provide below mentioned value added services for GajShield Firewall at best price :-

  • One Time On-Site Installation / Implementation services
  • One Time Remote Installation / Implementation services
  • On-Site AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) as well as Remote AMC services

Check the Features & Benefits, Product Briefcase of GajShield Firewall as well as GajShield Firewall Price in India or Contact our Technical Experts for immediate assistance.

Following are some questions that usually arise when it comes to Security & Firewall.

  • Want to secure roaming users without impacting their device performance
  • Want to limit the access to applications to only corporate use
  • Need a solution for the Data Leaks through Web applications and SMTP Mails
  • Looking for the solution that is easy to manage and allows you a seamless implementation of your corporate policies
  • Want to block Torrents, Skype, Malicious proxy applications and many more applications as well as websites
  • Want a security solution with high availability and failover
  • Need security for SSL traffic, malware and data leaks
  • Need deep visibility and control into the Cloud Applications, SaaS Applications being used by the employees and protect against shadow IT
  • Want a simple solution to manage multiple firewalls
  • Want to secure SIP traffic for IP telephony

Answer for all of these questions is GajShield Data Security Firewall.

What is GajShield Data Security Firewall ?

GajShield’s Data Security Firewall plays the role of platform for all of its security solutions.

GajShield Firewall appliances are designed in such a way that it can deliver the highest levels of performance and security along with various other solutions deployed and running simultaneously.

They also offers an additional security with its Context based Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Engine which allows an organization to observe data and prevent data leaks.

GajShield Data Security Firewall solution helps organizations to protect from modern threats by preventing them at the gateway level only.

Along with protection against zero day threats, GajShield’s Next Generation Firewall also uses its latest and the greatest technologies like the Contextual Intelligence Engine, Machine Learning etc. to secure the organization from threats that are developed and are often left unnoticed.

GajShield Data Security Firewall appliances gives you the deep visibility into numerous threats and factors that degrades your network performance and at the same time it also provides you the powerful & integrated protection, increases user productivity, granular policy definition, proactive security measures for zero day protection and real-time security against fast moving threats like phishing, spyware, masked applications like Adware, Malware, Instant Messaging, P2P.

Why GajShield Data Security Firewall ?

GajShield Data Security Firewall appliances has enhanced its UTM firewall technologies by offering industry’s most powerful context based Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, Layer-7 classification of all network application traffic in real time and providing visibility to many web-based cloud (SaaS) applications (CASB).

GajShield Firewall smart classification technology allows it to classify more than 2500+ applications very fast and effortlessly with zero impact on the network throughput and provides wire speed capabilities.

Each GajShield firewall appliance can be configured in High Availability mode whether you want to configure it in Active-Active or Active-Passive mode.

GajShield firewall also gives you the BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] feature through which you can control the traffic that originates from mobile devices.

GajShield’s Centralised Management System simplifies the administration work by providing a single admin console panel to easily manage multiple GajShield firewalls placed at different locations.

GajShield has been recognized in “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls” at Gartner’s 2018 Asia/Pacific Context.

It has become difficult for organizations to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate traffic mainly when employees, clients, vendors, applications and security threats fight for the same network resources. Threats or latest applications have become much smarter as they hide the malicious scripts inside the actual data and transfer it using standard internet ports. In such scenarios, enterprises need something beyond the traditional firewall security. GajShield firewalls inspect the context of data independent of internet ports used for data transfer. Inbuilt default security policy of GajShield firewalls can reject all outbound traffic from local LAN to the internet. It reacts immediately with smart packet filtering that sets policies and strengthens customer network defenses in case of any attacks.

Object Oriented policy management makes GajShield firewalls easy to configure by providing facility of policy reusability and inheritance. This simplifies the creation of complex policies and saves efforts as well as time of an organization.

Protection from Internal & External Threats : Most of the organizations usually ignore internal threats intentionally and unintentionally but they can be identified and restricted by using GajShield Data Security Firewall. GajShield Firewall also protects the organization from external threats by using Advanced Threat Protection and Intelligent Sandboxing technique.

Protect Data In Motions : Data is the most valuable property of any organization and protection of the data is the equally valuable concern for the organization. With the increasing numbers of personal and business applications used by the users over the web has increased the chances of intentional or unintentional data leakage. Applications like Instant Messaging, Email Applications, Document Storage Sites, Web Chats etc. can be easily used for leaking confidential information. Many of these applications are used by organizations for day to day business communications or for any other purposes so blocking these applications cannot be the right solution. That’s why GajShield firewall appliance provides a Data Leak Prevention solution. GajShield Data Security Firewall solution not only protects you from external threats, but also protects the data from being leaked in motion. GajShield firewall takes inputs from Contextual Intelligence Engine and identifies important data and protects it from leaving out of the network.

Pro-Active Security : Most of the time organizations do not find out security issues till they become known and start impacting on the network and internet performance. At that time organizations have to deploy solutions that take proactive and informed decisions. By using top rated layer 7 application classification, GajShield firewall appliances detect exactly which application, user and threat vector makes the network vulnerable and take the appropriate action against it.

Deployment Flexibility : Enterprises can sustain their security by deploying GajShield Data Security Firewall irrespective of their infrastructure like Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise as Gajshield Data Security Firewall supports multiple platforms.

GajShield ThreatLabs : GajShield’s ThreatLabs Team delivers the quickest, most reliable and scalable security infrastructure in the industry with the help of GajShield Distributed Network Behavioral Analysis (DNA) which integrates GajShield’s ThreatLabs to work in conjunction with worldwide network of sensors, customer feedbacks & inputs, and industry alliances. This shows that GajShield’s customers are always protected at the highest possible level.

Unique Gateway Architecture : GajShield’s Unique Gateway Architecture provides Load Balancing, policy based Multi-WAN Management and Bandwidth as well as Traffic management options.

Features and Benefits of GajShield Firewall

1) Context based Data Leak Prevention

Gajshield’s DLP systems act as enforcers of data security policies here. Gajshield Data Leak Prevention solution identifies, monitors and protects the data in motion on your network through deep content inspection and a contextual security analysis of transactions.

Benefits :-

  • Deep Inspection of Application Data delivers the prevention on the basis of contextual parameters in application as well data rather than just based on the ports or protocols such as restricting ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Subject’, ‘Email Data’, ‘Attachments’ etc. in email applications and multiple Saas Applications.
  • Data Inflow and Outflow Control provides you full visibility over what comes inside your network and what goes outside your network so that you can accordingly control it.
  • Context Sensitive Data Leak Prevention gives you the ability to block the files based on its textual content. Suppose an organization wants to prevent the sales department from disclosing Tender, Quotation or Price to outsiders or unauthorized persons then with the help of Deep Packet Inspection it restricts users to send information via email, file sharing applications, social media etc. if written content or document/attachment carries such keywords. Also gives you the ability to schedule DLP policies, for example, once you publish the information publicly then it can be allowed to be shared by users.
  • File Extension based Protection provides you the ability to allow or block file types by identifying the type and it’s extension that can be downloaded or uploaded.
  • Protects Roaming Users from Leaking Data intentionally or unintentionally by combining enterprise cloud with Gajshield Data Security Firewall and then routing their all communications through HO firewall.
  • Restrict Personal Use of email and social media accounts and allow only corporate account logins. Also increase productivity by monitoring and controlling the use of non-business applications in your organization.
  • Granular Reporting of What files have been uploaded, by Whom, When and Where it is uploaded and by using Which application.

2) BYOD Policy Management

With the increasing demand of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), GajShield Data Security gives the enterprises a complete solution for the management of BYOD. GajShield’s BYOD feature amplifies the UserSense engine and allows an enterprise to inspect, detect and monitor the traffic and control devices used by employees.

Benefits :-

  • Identifies Traffic with the help of BYOD management and gives you the information whether this traffic has originated from a mobile device or a desktop device. Enterprises can easily set up different BYOD policies on the basis of this information and limit the access to internet or mobile applications as per their requirements.
  • Block access to critical servers in DMZ to BYOD devices by creating the DLP policies that would help enterprises to monitor and block all uploads from these devices.
  • Block risky applications which can leak data from BYOD devices and also compromises the enterprise network with unaccounted traffic. GajShield has introduced Object Oriented Policy Security Management to achieve this. To protect business applications from being affected, Organizations can also redirect BYOD devices to non-critical internet links.
  • Limit Internet Access to BYOD by creating policies to provide Time-Based internet access. This also helps an organization to control and manage the bandwidth consumption.
  • Maintains Security by Minimizing Hardware Investments as it allows employees to work in their own devices with flexibility and familiarity and GajShield’s BYOD will protect the data at the same time from being compromised.

3) URL filtering

GajShield Data Security Firewall’s URL filtering feature efficiently filters out unwanted and unprotected URLs and also provides an enterprise the capability to allow or block such URLs based on its category as well as custom URLs. GajShield’s URL filtering solution is backed up with 85+ categories like Sports, Matrimony, Games, Social Media etc. and enterprises can restrict the access of websites falling under those categories to specific users as well as groups.

Benefits :-

  • Allow Or Block URL Categories gives the ability to an enterprise to protect their employees from accessing unwanted website categories like Gambling, Sports, Games, Social Media, Matrimony, Live Streaming etc. that effects on organization’s productivity.
  • Allow Or Block Custom URLs that are falling under blocked or allowed categories respectively.
  • Supports Multiple Extensions including HTTP and HTTPS protocols, MIME type and other file extension blocking.
  • Blocks Access to Malicious and Unsecured Websites to prevent organization from malware and other viruses being downloaded.
  • Increases Productivity by blocking unwanted websites during working hours and also gives the facility to schedule allow or block based on time or request.
  • Complete Visibility with the help of GajOS Bulwark that maintains a detailed log of all URL filtering activities and actions taken against it.

4) Application filtering

GajShield Data Security Firewall appliances provides industry’s most powerful Application filter by using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine and by providing real time Layer-7 classification of all network application traffic such as FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, MGCP, ICMP, SMTP and NetBIOS Name Service.

Benefits :-

  • Fast & Effortless Classification of 2500+ Applications by GajShield Firewall’s smart application filtering technology and with zero impact on the network throughput.
  • Increase Business Critical Applications Performance by limiting bandwidth for non-business applications and by redirecting them to non-critical internet links.
  • Block Risky Applications by using Object Oriented Policy Management to protect from data land compromising the enterprise network with unaccounted traffic.
  • Allow/Block Applications based on Categories to protect an organization from unwanted bandwidth consumption, network traffic and data leak.
  • Supports Protocol Decoding in integration with context-based deep packet inspection that efficiently identify and block applications wrapped inside SSL traffic.
  • Complete Visibility & Reporting with the help of GajOS,Bulwark that gives you the detailed report of applications that are currently running in your network, unwanted applications, business critical applications and also traffic generated from these applications are mobile device applications or desktop applications with the details of users using it.

5) Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Secure Connectivity

GajShield gives Industry Leading IPSec, L2TP and PPTP VPN as well as High Availability for IPSec. It also provides the provision for setting up a security association (SA) in IPSec protocol suite by supporting Internet Key Exchange protocol IKEv1 or IKEv2 (depending on the version). GajShield aims to further secure the network by offering additional features in VPN such as IPSec NAT traversal, PFS support, Dead Peer detection and Cloud based policy enforcement for enterprise traffic.

Benefits :-

  • Save from Man in the middle attacks by integrating Strong Authentication with RSA SecureID, VASCO tokens, LDAP, Radius, Active Directory, Pre-shared key, Digital Certificates and Xauth to avoid any kind of intervention in the network and the communication.
  • Strong Encryption by using 3DES, AES encryption and Hash Algorithms like MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 for encryption purposes.
  • VPN Logs provides the detailed reports of the IPSec VPN tunnel up/down and Active VPN users. These logs can be used to monitor the details such as IP Address, Status of the VPN and the type of VPN by the users who are connected to the VPN.

6) Multi Wan Management - ISP Load Balancing/Failover

GajShield’s ISP Load Balancing & Failover enables organizations to control and broadcast traffic over multiple internet links. It also offers the distribution of vital applications over strong internet links whereas lessly important applications over broadband connections.

Benefits :-

  • ISP Link Redundancy – Failover manages the traffic while providing valuable failover capabilities such as continuously monitors the health of the available internet connections, checks the status of all the internet links, senses the failures in real-time and automatically redirects the traffic to the functioning internet links.
  • Service-based ISP load balancing or failover provides granular options to specify the primary internet link and multiple secondary internet links for each different service. For example ISP2 is set as primary for the VPN, incase of failure of ISP2 VPN service will be automatically redirected to secondary ISP that is either ISP1 or ISP3 as per the defined policies.
  • Load balances traffic based on weighted round-robin distribution which distributes the traffic throughout multiple internet links and provides the flexibility to utilize the total bandwidth of all the internet links avoiding bandwidth blockages while reducing the cost of unproductive bandwidth usage.
  • Integrated reporting and Alerts that contains current, daily, monthly and yearly reports as well as dynamic analysis of ISP usage, what applications are being used through which ISPs and by whom.
  • ISP failover and heavy traffic notifications on email keeps administrators informed about the internet link interruptions that demands immediate troubleshooting.

7) High Availability

High Availability implementation is the most important strategy when setting up strong protection systems, lower the downtime, reducing the service interruptions and increasing the productivity are your high priorities. GajShield Data Security Firewall offers High availability with Active-Active and Active-Passive State synchronization for organizations.

Benefits :-

  • Stateful Failover empowers a router to keep processing and forwarding firewall session packets without requiring adjustment or reconfiguration of any remote peer in case of an intended or accidental failure occurs.
  • Email Alerts to report the existing status of High Availability and modifications in states from Master to Backup or vice versa.
  • Configuration Auto Synchronization syncs the entire configuration made on Master or Primary Firewall to Backup or Secondary Firewall.

8) Contextual Intelligence Engine

GajShield’s Data Security Firewall uses its latest and the greatest technologies like the Contextual Intelligence Engine and combines it with advanced reporting capabilities of GajOS: Bulwark to secure the organizations from threats that are developed and are often left unnoticed. GajShield Data Security Firewalls perform Data Layer inspection with the help of Contextual Intelligence Engine to create data context and analyze a broader range of parameters with greater in-depth data layer visibility.

Benefits :-

  • Complete visibility of the applications and bandwidth used for uploading and downloading along with the Granular Reports of What files have been uploaded and downloaded, By Whom, When and Where it is uploaded or from where it is downloaded and by using Which application.
  • Advanced Network Visibility by analyzing the parameters such as Email ID, Sender ID, recipient ID, CC & BCC mentions, Mail Subject, Mail Body, Signature, File Content, downloader, uploader etc. across web traffic and SaaS applications, the GajShield Data Security Firewall determines the safety and legitimacy of communications & transactions and takes necessary actions to prevent data exploitation and mitigates the impact of a zero-day attacks.

9) Secured Guest Management

GajShield’s Secured Guest Management system helps organizations to easily manage guest users in a scalable as well as cost effective way whether they are connecting from wired, wireless or using mobile internet. To manage large sets of guest users turned out to be easy with its auto expiry feature. Its reporting system provides detailed usage information and helps to detect any harm caused by them.

Benefits :-

  • Guest login portal is the medium used by guests to login to access the Internet. Guests who want to connect their laptop or smartphone with your organization’s internet will immediately be redirected to this portal. This portal can be tailored as per the organization and gives the very first impression of your company to the guest users.
  • Create Guest Users Manually or Let them Self-Register through their mobile number. IT Administrators can manually add the guests or group of guests with desired security policies like URL, DLP, Application Filter Policies or can also provide the provision for guests to self-register with his/her mobile number. Once a guest registers then he/she receives a one-time access code / username and password on the mobile phone via SMS and guests can activate the account by using received username & password.
  • Guest Administration Portal works as a control centre for IT staff. It provides a detailed reporting system built with intelligence to identify anomalies and misuse of policies.
  • Add Guest Users in bulk by uploading a CSV File.
  • Delete Multiple Guest Users manually or enable Auto-Delete which deletes users automatically once the validity expires.
  • View Guest User Registration and Auto-Delete Logs The use of activation through the mobile number enables traceability of the guest’s activity in the network as the identity of the guest will be automatically validated through the mobile subscription.
  • Applying Bandwidth Capping / Queue / Time Quota on guest users saves the unwanted bandwidth utilization and also allows you to route the traffic of guest users through different ISPs so that primary ISP bandwidth can be utilized without any misuse and interruptions.
  • Apply BYOD restriction and Limit access to the guest users by configuring the guest network on a distinct port of GajShield Firewall or by providing user credentials through GajShield’s Data Security Firewall via SMS. This credential expires after a pre-configured / pre-defined time.

* Requirements  – 

  • To send credentials i.e. Username and Password through SMS requires integrations with SMS Gateway. The organisation will have to procure the SMS Gateway from favorable service provider. Credentials can be sent via email also.
  • GajShield Data Security Firewalls provides preset API parameters for multiple service providers. The service providers that are not mentioned in GajShield API parameters; customers have to obtain and configure it on GajShield Firewalls.

10) Advanced Threat Protection

The GajShield Data Security Firewall provides Advanced threat protection that serves to protect an organization’s network from zero-day attacks and advanced threats which are generally designed to be treated as genuine traffic and thus bypasses the security policies created by the aimed organizations. Such attacks can be done through projecting malicious files, URLs or constructed mails.

Benefits :-

  • Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection shelters the enterprises in the initial stages of malware detection or any new variant appears. Immediate detection helps organizations to close the loopholes through which numbers of users can be infected and also enables to protect users till signatures are released.
  • Deploy signatures to the firewall when a file is identified as malware (Malware Protection) and send that malicious file into the sandbox to catch the injected malware by using GajShield’s Intelligent Sandboxing technique.
  • Intelligent Sandboxing service is a cloud-based virtual environment distant from the organization’s network and specially designed to execute the suspicious files to discover previously unseen malware & unknown threats at the gateway.
  • Analyses executables, office documents, pdfs and many different files as well as websites that are malicious and gives the provision to an organization to eliminate the files from sandboxing depending on its name, type, sender and recipient. It supports multi-operating systems including Android as well as Windows.
  • GajShield Threat Lab collects, compiles, stores and maintains the database of all proactive viruses, malware identifications and real-time spam attacks. Then by consulting with Global Internet Service Providers, these patterns are examined, classified and cross-matched using algorithms.
  • Gateway Defence & Ransomware Protection in Real-Time with the help of GajShield Data Security Firewall that is placed at the gateway of your organization’s network and becomes the primary point of contact for the cyber threats.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning merged with Advanced Threat Protection provides extreme value into the detection of malicious and suspicious traffic, blocking zero-day attacks and protecting your network from cyber threats.

11) SD-WAN

GajShield Data Security Firewalls allows customers to concentrate on their security and network access and extend the benefits to their distributed branches, network edges and device edge protection. GajShield security device consists of GajShield Data Security Firewall, Anti Malware with Advanced Threat Protection, Secure Access using VPN to offer integration of branch location services.

Benefits :-

  • Best-Of-Breed software-driven networking that offers high-performance as well as advanced protection.
  • Enhances User Experience, Security & Application Performance by Centralized Control function to securely and intelligently route traffic across the WAN.
  • Reduces Costs upto 90% by replacing traditional and expensive private WAN connections.

12) Centralized Management System (CMS)

The GajShield Centralised Management System is a solution for the organizations that are having multiple locations and such organizations may have a number of devices each for a particular location. To manage the security through all of these devices individually, deploying policies differently ends up being challenging and at the same time a complicated process.

The Centralized Management System gives a comprehensive platform for creating and managing security policies, offering real-time visibility, monitoring and alerts. CMS enables network admins to control and manage GajShield Firewalls including network policies,Data Leak Prevention, URL filtering, Application Filtering, Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Antispam, IPS, ISP Failover, Load Balancing and software updates of different locations through a single centralized dashboard.

Benefits :-

  • Centralised policy management to manage all aspects of device configuration from a single central console and also allows you to push global policies, view all firewall traffic, and generate reports.
  • Quick Deployment GajShield enables organizations to transport GajShield Data Security Firewall appliances to each remote site without configuring them. Once this appliance is plugged into the network, it automatically gets connected to the Centralized Management Server. The server authenticates the remote device within a few seconds and once it gets authenticated then the admin can apply the security policies from CMS which eliminates the need of going on-site.
  • Lowers the Cost of Setup and Operation by offering a centralized management system through which multiple firewalls can be configured and managed through a single dashboard. This saves the huge time of IT admin and eliminates the need for admin’s on-site visits which saves the huge cost of an organization at the same time as well as increases productivity.
  • Increases ROI by replacing the MPS connections with VPN and broadband internet services to connect multiple locations with each other which lowers the WAN costs by up to 90%.
  • Better Performance in terms of speediest application steering and unique application identification performance delivered by GajShield Security Architecture which is backed by multi-core architecture. This also comprises deep secure sockets layer (SSL)/transport layer security (TLS) inspection with the minimum performance degradation.

13) Multi-Cloud Security

A GajShield Data Security Firewall detects the critical data by going beyond the application layer visibility which results in preventing data leaks even when shared on cloud and web based applications like Gmail, Rediff Mail, Google Drive, Microsoft One-Dive, Yahoo, Social Media platforms like Facebook etc.

Benefits :-

  • Control Collaborative Applications with the ability of strongly analyzing contextual data of web applications and to deploy granular data security policies that enable the organizations restrict such collaborative business applications to commercial use only. This helps the organization to achieve the following things :

* Use of only Corporate Login on Gmail, Rediff Mail, Google Drive, Microsoft One-Dive, Yahoo, Social Media platforms like Facebook etc.

*Preventing to send mail without mentioning the manager in CC.

*Block the Personal ID Use on SaaS applications.

*Control on sending Mails to predefined IDs/Domains only.

*Control of Data Uploads based on file type, content, size and more.

*Stops the data leak from such applications.

*Provides View Mode in which one can access the application or data but will not be able to perform any action.

  • Data Leak Prevention of GajShield Data Security Firewall offers an additional security with its Context based DLP Engine which allows an organization to observe data and prevent data leaks. Gajshield’s DLP systems act as enforcers of data security policies here. GajShieldData Leak Prevention solution identifies, monitors and protects the data in motion on your network through deep content inspection and a contextual security analysis of transactions.
  • Advanced Threat Protection that serves to protect an organization’s network from zero-day attacks and advanced threats. Artificial Intelligence merged with Advanced Threat Protection provides extreme value into the detection of malicious and suspicious traffic, blocking zero-day attacks and protecting your network from cyber threats. GajShield Firewall also protects the organization from external threats by using Advanced Threat Protection and Intelligent Sandboxing technique.
  • Secured Connectivity using high-speed VPN connection provided by the combination of Contextual Intelligence Engine and Security Policies implemented in GajShieldData Security Firewall to connect with Cloud applications and Data centers securely.
  • Deep Visibility is the main factor in cyber security and thus having just a summary is not sufficient. GajOS Bulwark provides in-depth reporting for deep visibility throughout the network.

14) Enterprise Cloud

GajShield’s Data Security Firewall in combination with Enterprise Cloud Solution guarantees that all the users whether roaming or fix users remains secured when they access enterprise data and applications from the office and even from outdoors through public Wi-Fi networks. The enterprise cloud security solution with its Deep packet Inspection (DPI) skills merged with Contextual Intelligence Engine scans each data packet being transmitted by users and creates context of whole traffic for the GajShieldData Security Firewall to figure out and take appropriate measures.

Benefits :-

  • Blocks the communications that contains sensitive data of an organization by routing all the traffic of roaming users through the HO’s Data Security Firewall. GajShield’s Enterprise Cloud Solution imposes all the data security and global security policies depending upon the configuration done into the firewall.
  • Identifies malware and suspicious files that can harm the enterprise applications and network and also stops the applications from executing.
  • Enables the organizations to obtain complete visibility on entire network traffic of the roaming users and ensures greatest security and data leak prevention.

15) Email Security

GajShield’s Email Security allows enterprise users to communicate safely through its unique Contextual Intelligence engine with a multi-layered technology and defend the users from modern threat vectors like Ransomware, Phishing, Spam, Advanced Malware and data leaks happening through email.

Benefits :-

  • GajShield Threat Lab collects, compiles, stores and maintains the database of all proactive viruses, malware identifications and real-time spam attacks. Then by consulting with Global Internet Service Providers, these patterns are examined, classified and cross-matched using algorithms.
  • Contextual Intelligence Engine makes the context of the mail application beyond just the traditional context and provides advanced visibility in mail services by analyzing the parameters such as Email ID, Sender ID, recipient ID, CC & BCC mentions, Mail Subject, Mail Body, Signature, File Content, downloader, uploader etc. for better and informed security.
  • Recurrent Pattern Detection is the core of the GajShield’s Powerful Mail Security. It is a spam engine that detects the spam patterns irrespective of content, language or format.

GajShield’s Email Security also helps to :

  • Detects fake emails with the help of DKIM and SPF records to prevent from Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.
  • Protect communications that carry sensitive data by using a comprehensive Data Leak Prevention solution.
  • Integrate easily with GajShield Archiving solution.

GajShield Data Security Firewall Product Briefcase

They have a range of firewall appliances to protect SOHO offices to Large Enterprises. GajShield Data Security Firewall appliances range from GS15nu to GS40nu for SOHO, GS85nu to GS160nu for SME, GS240nu to GS595nu for Enterprise and GS870nu to GS1490nu.


GajShield Firewall GS 15nu - VCN Infotech

GS15nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 20nu - VCN Infotech

GS20nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 40nu - VCN Infotech

GS40nu – GajShield


GajShield Firewall GS 85nu - VCN Infotech

GS85nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 125nu - VCN Infotech

GS125nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 160nu - VCN Infotech

GS160nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 160dc - VCN Infotech

GS160dc – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 165nu - VCN Infotech

GS165nu – GajShield


GajShield Firewall GS 240nu - VCN Infotech

GS240nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 240dc - VCN Infotech

GS240dc – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 245nu - VCN Infotech

GS245nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 360dc - VCN Infotech

GS360dc – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 360nu - VCN Infotech

GS360nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 365nu - VCN Infotech

GS365nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 560dc - VCN Infotech

GS560dc – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 580nu - VCN Infotech

GS580nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 585nu - VCN Infotech

GS585nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 590nu - VCN Infotech

GS590nu – GajShield

GajShield Firewall GS 595nu - VCN Infotech

GS595nu – GajShield


GajShield Data Security Firewall Datacenter Models :- GS870nu, GS880nu, GS890nu, GS920nu, GS960dc, GS980nu, GS990nu, GS1060dc, GS1090nu, GS1095nu, GS1160nu, GS1360nu, GS1460nu, GS1490nu

GajShield Data Security Firewall Price in India

Note –

Above Price is a List Price, Request you to get in touch with our Sales Representative for Best / Discounted Price.

Gajshield nu Series Hardware Appliance includes : Base License – (Firewall, VPN, Bandwidth Management, Load Balancing & Failover).

Gajshield-Basic Bundle Subscription Includes : AntiVirus, URL Filtering, Application Filtering, Intrusion Prevention System and Basic 24×7 Support.

Gajshield-Premium Bundle Subscription Includes : AntiVirus, URL Filtering, Application Filtering, Intrusion Prevention System Anti Spam and Basic 24×7 Support.

Gajshield-Complete Bundle Subscription Includes : AntiVirus, URL Filtering, Application Filtering, Intrusion Prevention System Anti Spam, Data Leak Prevention and Basic 24×7 Support

GajShield Firewall Delivery

GajShield Data Security Firewall can be deployed as a Hardware Appliance in your Premise or Datacenter, as a Virtual Firewall, in the Public Cloud, Private Cloud as well as Hybrid Cloud.

Get Visibility Control and 360° Protection using GajShield Data Security Firewall.