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Fortigate / FortiWiFi - 40F

FortiGate/FortiWiFi 40F Firewall series provides a best network protection and SD-WAN offering in a small fanless desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices as well as small and mid-sized businesses to secure against cyber threats with industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simplified, cost-effective and also easy to implement solution.

FortiGate 40F Technical Specs and Throughput :-

  1. Firewall Throughput – 5 Gbps
  2. IPS Throughput – 1 Gbps
  3. NGFW Throughput – 800 Mbps
  4. Threat Protection – 600 Mbps
  5. Interfaces – Multiple GE RJ45 | WiFi Variants
  6. Form Factor – Desktop

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  • Determines thousands of applications within network load for profound verification and granular policy implementation
  • Safeguard against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and unencrypted traffic
  • It not only secures but also figure out familiar as well as unfamiliar attacks using constant threat intelligence from AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services


  • It also provides industry’s highest threat protection performance together with ultra-low latency using purpose-built security processor (SPU) technology
  • Provides best performance together with protection for SSL encrypted traffic


  • Independently examined and confirmed great security efficiency as well as performance
  • Therefore fortigate has got unparalleled third-party certifications from NSS Labs, AV Comparatives, Virus Bulletin and ICSA


  • Provides better application experience in reference with SD-WAN capabilities of selecting Dynamic Path over any WAN transport
  • Advanced routing, multi-cast, scalable VPN and IPV4/IPV6 forwarding backed by specially built network processors


  • Offers smart and simplified workflow for centralized management and also provides the provision of deploying business policies in a few easy clicks with the help of SD-WAN Orchestration
  • Accelerates the deployment for the large and distributed network infrastructure by providing Zero touch provisioning
  • Automated VPN tunnels for extensive hub-to-spoke as well as full-mesh deployment at scale to deliver bandwidth aggregation and encrypted WAN paths
  • Provides the Predefined compliance checklists that analyzes the deployment and indicates the best exercises to strengthen the entire security posture Management
  • Provides powerful & user friendly Management Console that gives complete network automation as well as visibility
  • Security Fabric’s Single Dashboard Management offers Zero Touch Integration

Security Fabric

  • Allows Fortinet and Fabric-ready partner’s products to deliver deep visibility, consolidated end-to-end detection, threat intelligence exchange as well as automated troubleshooting
  • Automatically constructs Network Topology conception which figure out IoT devices and therefore gives full visibility into Fortinet and Fabric-ready partner products also


Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

  • Minimizes the network complications and maximize your ROI by incorporating threat protection security abilities into a single high performance network security appliance that is backed by Fortinet’s Security Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Enforces consistent security policy and provides full visibility into users, devices, applications across the entire attack surface regardless of asset location
  • Effectively restricts currently detected complex attacks in real-time as well as provides the advanced threat protection
  • Safeguards from network exploitable vulnerabilities with the help of industry validated IPS that offers low latency as well as optimized network performance
  • Uses Industry’s highest SSL inspection performance that includes the latest TLS 1.3 standard with mandated ciphers to block threats automatically on decrypted traffic

Secure SD-WAN

  • Best-performance of business applications with accurate detection and dynamic WAN path acceleration
  • Speedy Multi-cloud access for accelerated SaaS adoption with cloud-on-ramp
  • Network self-healing with the help of WAN edge high availability and sub second traffic switchover
  • Automated Overlay tunnels provides encryption as well as isolates physical hybrid WAN making it easy to manage
  • Offers smart and simplified workflow for centralized management and zero touch deployment of business policies with the help of SD-WAN Orchestration
  • Real-time and historical analytics in an enhanced manner that provides deep visibility into network performance and detect loopholes
Fortigate 40F Front_Back - VCN Infotech
Fortigate 40F Front_Back


  1. USB Port
  2. Console Port
  3. 1x GE RJ45 WAN Port
  4. 1 x GE RJ45 FortiLink Port
  5. 3x GE RJ45 Ethernet Ports

Powered by Purpose-built Secure SD-WAN ASICSOC4

  • Associates a RISC-based CPU with Fortinet’s proprietary SPU content and
    network processors for unique performance
  • For competent business activities; it offers industry’s rapid application detection and control
  • Expedites IPsec VPN performance for great user experience on direct internet access
  • Provides excellent NGFW Protection and broader SSL Inspection with topmost performance
  • Enhances access layer protection to allow SD-Branch transformation with faster and consolidated switch and access point connectivity

Compact and Reliable Form Factor

Developed for small business, you can easily place the FortiGate/FortiWiFi 40F on a desktop or can also be wall-mounted. It is not only small, lightweight but also extremely reliable with advanced MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), mitigating the risk of a network interruption.

Wireless and 3G/4G WAN Extensions

The FortiGate 40F Series can support compatible external 3G/4G modems that grant alternative link or excessive WAN connectivity for high reliability.

Extends Security to Access Layer with FortiLink Ports

FortiLink protocol allows you to merge security and the network access by consolidating the FortiSwitch into the FortiGate as a coherent advancement of the NGFW. These FortiLink enabled ports can be reconfigured as regular ports as required.

Security Fabric

The Security Fabric provides great insights, consolidated AI-driven breach avoidance and programmed actions, coordination and interaction throughout Fortinet’s Wide Ranging Security Products Portfolio. It enables protection to strengthen strongly and regulate as increasing number of task loads and data are added. Security easily monitors and secures data, users, and applications as they move between IoT, devices, and cloud surroundings across the network. All this is bound together within a single window of management thus Fortinet Security Fabric delivers excellent security potential across your entire landscape while also considerably reduces complexity.

FortiGate Firewalls are the core of Security Fabric, expands security via visibility and control by firmly consolidating with other Fortinet security products and Fabric-Ready Partner solutions.


With one intuitive operating system; it regulates all security and networking abilities throughout the whole FortiGate platform. Decreases complications, costs and response time with an absolutely integrated next generation security platform.

  • An absolutely integrated strategy with one OS and single window management for all security and networking services throughout all FortiGate platforms.
  • Skilled to use modern technologies such as deception-based security.
  • Top-most protection : NSS Labs Recommended, VB100, AV Comparatives, and ICSA verified security and performance.
  • Filters web traffic on the basis of millions of real-time URL ratings in extension to real TLS 1.3 support and control thousands of applications, obstructs the modern acts.
  • With consolidated AI-driven breach avoidance and superior threat protection; it Prohibit, Distinguish and Reduce exceptional attacks significantly in minutes
  • Advanced SD-WAN skills and ability to distinguish, check and remove threats with Intent-based Segmentation it improves user experience.
  • Utilize SPU hardware expedition to rise security skills performance.

System Performance

  • Firewall Throughput (1518 / 512 / 64 byte UDP packets) – 5/5/5 Gbps
  • Device Latency (64 byte UDP packets) – 2.97 μs
  • Firewall Throughput (Packets Per Second) – 7.5 Mpps
  • Concurrent Sessions (TCP) – 700,000
  • New Sessions/Second (TCP) – 35,000
  • Firewall Policies – 5,000
  • IPsec VPN Throughput (512 byte)1 – 4.4 Gbps
  • Gateway-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels – 200
  • Client-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels – 250
  • SSL-VPN Throughput – 490 Mbps
  • Concurrent SSL-VPN Users (Recommended Maximum, Tunnel Mode) – 200
  • SSL Inspection Throughput (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 – 310 Mbps
  • SSL Inspection CPS (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 – 320
  • SSL Inspection Concurrent Session (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 – 55,000
  • Application Control Throughput (HTTP 64K)2 – 990 Mbps
  • CAPWAP Throughput (HTTP 64K) – 3.5 Gbps
  • Virtual Domains (Default / Maximum) – 10 / 10
  • Maximum Number of Switches Supported – 8
  • Number of FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel Mode) – 16 / 8
  • Total Number of FortiTokens – 500
  • High Availability Configurations – Active/Active, Active/Passive, Clustering

System Performance — Enterprise Traffic Mix

  • IPS Throughput2 – 1 Gbps
  • NGFW Throughput2, 4 – 800 Mbps
  • Threat Protection Throughput2, 5 – 600 Mbps

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Reference by – Fortinet | Data Source – From Fortinet Datasheet